Can i use a detergent to clean my solar panels?

You won't need any special cleaning products or solar panel cleaners; water and a mild soap will suffice. Detergents and abrasive powders should be avoided. According to the manufacturer, the detergent removes all types of organic dirt, such as bird droppings, sand, dust, pollen and resin from the modules and, at the same time, thanks to its antistatic properties, reduces the adhesion of dust to the glass, keeping the panels cleaner between cleaning cycles. This is the best way to leave your solar panels looking as spotless as they did on the first day they were installed.

I also recommend contacting a professional solar panel cleaning company to ensure that the work is done safely and effectively, especially in the case of hard-to-reach panels or larger installations. While dirty solar panels benefit from regular washing to avoid reducing production and efficiency, soap is not the solution in this case. In general, it's best to use a cleaning solution designed specifically for solar panels and avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals. The company specializes in the production of a detergent product for cleaning and antistatic protection of photovoltaic modules, solar panels and solar thermal panels.

If cleaning solar panels seems more dangerous than beneficial, contacting a professional is a practical solution to improve solar production. While rain can help eliminate waste naturally, making a concerted effort to clean the panels will increase the performance of solar panels. Some maintenance companies also use soap-free brushes and sponges to clean the panels to avoid potentially harmful residues. Harsh soaps, such as strong detergents or soaps that contain chemicals, as they can corrode the surface of the solar panel unit.

After removing dry debris with a brush, a garden hose can remove most of the remaining dirt on solar panels. Especially in dry climates or near industrial or construction sites, relying on rain to keep panels clean may not be enough. He is proud to provide customers with honest answers and to show how production will increase after cleaning the panels. If snow persists on your panels, you can also invest in tools such as a snow rake for solar panels, which makes it easy for homeowners to safely remove snow cover from solar panels.

Since this is mainly an agricultural area, it is common for dust to be in the air and to accumulate on solar panels. It can also void existing warranties due to non-compliance with the manufacturer's specifications for solar panel maintenance.