Can i use a bleach solution to clean my solar panels?

Do not spray cold water on hot panels, as this can cause the panels to crack. Don't use harsh chemicals, such as bleach, as they can damage solar panels and also harm nearby wildlife. You don't want to scrub too hard, since solar panels have an anti-reflective coating that you don't want to scratch. While it can be fun to make panels shine and shine, you usually don't need to clean them, unless they're very dusty, which could affect their performance, or if there are creepy bugs on them.

The brush head should have soft or medium bristles, as is usual for almost all posts fed with water, but be sure to check with your solar cleaning company. Sure, a very heavy rain might help a little more, but it's not a substitute for mechanical cleaning of solar panels. If you've used something like this and want to check if your solar system is performing to its full potential, get Solar Analytics. Years ago, many people, including some solar panel manufacturers, would gladly say: “Don't use anything but rainwater.

I analyzed the effects of dust on the performance of photovoltaic panels by using artificial dust particles (mud and talc) in solar panels. At some point, you'll have to decide if you want to do it yourself or if you want to leave extra space in your monthly budget for a professional solar panel cleaning company. For example, a solar system near the sea will require more cleaning due to the salt crust that forms on outer surfaces. The absence of chemicals means cleaning the panels for a longer time, since the cleaning agents leave a layer that actually attracts the particles.

Depending on the company you bought from, you should check if there are any specific instructions for cleaning the solar panels. If you really want to keep your panels clean, don't use anything other than the usual household cleaning products (and maybe a low pressure washer). Cleaning solar panels can be a bit tedious, but as mentioned above, you should make sure that your panels are running consistently at full speed. Instead of risking damage from improper cleaning, contact someone who knows what they're doing and can make sure nothing happens to your solar panels.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, it's easier than ever for homeowners like you to maximize the return on investment they get from having solar panels.