Do inverters degrade over time?

While solar panels can last 25 to 30 years or more, inverters generally have a shorter lifespan because components age more quickly. A common source of inverter failure is the wear and tear and erosion of inverter capacitors. Depending on the type, an inverter can last up to 25 years. Others may fail after a few years.

String inverters are a cost-effective solution because only one inverter is required for a wide variety of solar panels, typically 5 to 10 panels in total. I will have an 80-gallon hybrid heat pump water heater in the same space in the hope that the heat produced by the inverter will be transferred to the water through the water from the heat pump. This is because, as the lift increases, the density of the air decreases, so the mass of the air flowing over the inverter decreases too much to effectively absorb and remove heat from the inverter's cooling surfaces. Therefore, simply placing the inverter in a shaded area with good airflow will almost always result in an inverter that won't stop.