How do you connect a solar inverter to a home grid?

Connecting solar panels to the house's electricity. Solar panel chain and installation. Before you can connect solar panels to your home's electricity, you must install them on the roof of your house. Connect the battery to the household circuit breaker panel.

As with most electrical things, there are many ways to get the job done. There is an ALTERNATIVE UTILITY CONNECTION called a “line-side or supply-side connection”. This connection is made BEFORE the main switch. A junction box is added between the utility meter and the main service panel.

Then, the cables from the utility meter, the main switch panel and the photovoltaic solar energy are connected to the junction box. Connect all the solar panels in parallel, from positive to positive and from negative to negative. Then connect them to the disconnect box. Make sure that the disconnect box is turned off (with the handle facing out) before connecting the cables to the grid-connected inverter so as not to cause a spark and cause a short circuit in the inverter.