Can i use an abrasive cleaner to clean my solar panels?

Although they are sturdy, they can be damaged by cleaners or abrasive materials. A transparent glass cover protects the photovoltaic cells of a solar panel. The ideal is to clean the glass surface with non-abrasive cleaning tools, such as a soft-bristled brush or a rubber squeegee. Avoid using wire brushes, ceiling rakes, or any other tool that could leave scratches.

In particular, you should not use any type of thick brush or corrosive cleaning solution such as bleach. An outdoor window cleaner that does not contain chemicals that could damage nearby plants or a cleaner made specifically for solar panels are usually safe options in this case. You can also make your own cleaning solution with a combination of water and dish soap or one part vinegar to eight parts water. Do-it-yourself cleaning is suitable if your solar panel system is installed on the floor or on a flat roof that you can easily access.

If cleaning solar panels seems more dangerous than beneficial, contacting a professional is a practical solution to improve solar production. However, photovoltaic (PV) cells are only productive when sunlight can reach their surface, so it's important to know how to clean solar panels. Using the garden hose with a sprayer, flush the solar panels and surrounding roof to remove loose debris or dirt. You can wash solar panels with a garden hose, but you should never do so when they are hot, as the drastic change in temperature can break the glass.

Clean solar panels will have lower energy costs because they allow for maximum exposure and greater solar production. For your safety and for system protection, turn off the solar panels before going to work. To determine the impact of cleaning solar panels, homeowners should review their energy bills before and after cleaning. If you're not comfortable cleaning your panels on your own, contact your solar installer for professional panel cleaning services.

By spraying and cleaning solar panels with a basic cleaning solution, you can remove dirt and get your solar panels back to maximum efficiency. Once you've cleaned away any dirt and dry debris, you can wash the panels to remove any remaining dust and particles. It can also void existing warranties due to non-compliance with the manufacturer's specifications for solar panel maintenance. Regular cleaning helps keep solar panels operating at optimal capacity, which means that the system generates the expected electricity production.

To get the most out of a professional solar panel cleaning service, homeowners can start a simulated version of the cleaning process.